Our Truck parking

Dunaharaszti Road 51 Truck Parking 0-24 Adblue

In our fully paved truck packer, located in an area of ​​5000 sqm we can currently comfortably accommodate 50 trucks. The ideal parking place for you tonight.. Nonstop

Adblue charging station

You can top up the AdBlue additive with us

0.45 Euro / 160 HUF


Security services

Safety first In our truck park, we give priority to the safety of drivers and cargo, therefore, a 180 cm high wire fence was drawn around. The entire area of ​​the truvk park is well lit even at night and is fully cameramed with a closed camera system. Thus, without our knowledge, no bird can fly in or out.

Truck parking


IN OUR TRUCK PARK. The first 1 hour is free.

  • After 1 hour 2000 HUF / 6 Euro
  • Shower: 600 HUF / 2 Euro
  • Adblue: 160 HUF / 0.45 Euro
  • Fishing rod rental 2000 HUF / 6 Euro
  • Our prices do not include VAT.

Our additional services

  • - It is still a well-functioning and efficient site with a Camera system.
  • - Dog security patrol around the clock
  • - The area is completely fenced
  • - Non-stop opening hours (even on public holidays))
  • - Free WiFi is available in the entire truck park
  • - Possibility of hanging
  • - Receive and print e-mails
  • - Adblue charging station

Security services

Also open on public holidays from 0-24.

Camera system, 0-24 dog security guard.



Dunaharaszti 51 Truck Parking 0-24 Adblue



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